Horne Translations

Flawless native English


I offer translation in the following language pairs:

My experience covers a range of disciplines:

I do all the work myself and guarantee a flawless product. I take my clients’ schedules seriously and always deliver my work on time.

As a professional translator, I translate only into my native language, which is English. Upon request, however, I may be able to recommend one of a small number of carefully selected colleagues whose work in other language pairs is of high quality.

As a native of the United States and a resident of Canada, I can tailor my translations to either country. I also offer British English, checked by a native of the UK when necessary, and a neutral “international English” for documents with a diverse audience. Please specify the variety that you prefer.

Horne Translations is approved by the Translation Bureau, a branch of the federal government of Canada, as an official supplier of Chinese–English and Japanese–English translation services.