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My name is Unick Horne, and I am an experienced freelance translator and interpreter based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I guarantee top-quality work with the excellent service that you deserve.

I translate into English, my native language, from Chinese, French, and Japanese. I also interpret orally to and from Chinese and offer several other services, such as project management and consulting on software localization. Please see my list of services at the left for more details.

Feel free to write to me in Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, or Spanish.

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Translation of book published

My English translation of Yannis Haralambous’s excellent book on fonts and encodings was published in September 2007. The bible of digital typeface design, it has enjoyed rave reviews. Congratulations to Yannis and O’Reilly Media! Click on the link at the left to order copies, or read about Fonts & Encodings at the publisher’s Web site.

Website Translation

Offering websites in different languages is now becoming essential as the world wide web continues to expand and more people around the world have readily available access to the internet. I have recently worked on some translations of websites for various web-based companies to help them reach a broader multi-lingual audience. My translation of the adult dating site SkipTheGames has lead to an increase in visitors from French speaking countries. I am currently working on two other website translation projects. I look forward to offering these services to many different types of clients.

Mobile Application Translation

The way that web users consume content continues to evolve at a rapid pace. From a language perspective these evolutions typically begin in countries with wealthier tech savvy populations, but other countries with various languages typically follow shortly thereafter. Therefore, I have recently began offering translation services in the tech space for mobile applications. Recent projects include translations for mobile games and e-commerce mobile applications as well as working in collaboration with the development team of Fuck Finder App, to offer their online dating users fast and easy translation of their direct communications. I am excited for new projects in this space and have a strong passion for helping companies expand their product offerings and reach a larger audience with different primary languages.